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"I have always been teased about being flat chested and about my big nose so had little confidence. I was terrified about doing a shoot because I'm always pulling odd faces in photos so I was right outside of my comfort zone. I just wanted some pics to put on my nursing home wall before I get too wrinkly! The day was not actually stressful at all, it was really fun which I didn't expect and I felt utterly at ease. Everyone was so kind and I could not recommend this more. The effects on my confidence have been hugely positive. I want another one now 🤣. It really is for everyone, even those of us who the camera does not normally like very much."



"My shoot with Femme Fatale was one of the most empowering and exciting things I have ever done. Each person on the team did their utmost to make me feel comfortable and look beautiful. When I saw my photos I really could not believe my eyes, I looked phenomenal and it gave me such a confidence boost. I'd love to do it again one day!"


Are you ready to wave goodbye to those hang-ups and inject some body positivity into your life?

We are the leading boudoir studio in the South-West. Have faith in Femme Fatale Studios.

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"Wow, what an amazing service from start to finish, all the ladies that looked after me today did so with care and attention, ensuring I felt comfortable at every stage. Everything down from my make up to lighting In the photos was perfect and I couldn’t of asked for a better experience. Highly recommended and I even brought a voucher for my mum! Great with first timers and really helped ease my nerves! Thank you ladies!"

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