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We're sure you will have lots of questions about the Femme Fatale experience. We have answered our most frequently asked questions here. If you don't find an answer to your query here please don't hesitate to contact us!

  • Do I have to be a certain age or size?
    Our photo shoots are for everyone. We believe every woman is beautiful but why stop at beautiful? Why not funny or adventurous? Why not talented or quirky? It's time to celebrate YOU! There is no upper age or size limit. ALL women come away from their shoot feeling empowered having fallen in love with… themselves!
  • There are bits of me I don’t like, how do you deal with that?"
    Our photographers are experts at what they do and they are the masters of camouflaging insecurities. We all have what we consider to be flaws but by guiding you into naturally flattering poses, using lighting techniques to sculpt your body and hug your curves we draw the eye to your favorite features. Take a look at our Intimate Gallery and get ready to wave goodbye to those hang-ups and inject some body positivity into your life! You are your own worst critic, be kind to yourself.
  • But I don’t know how to pose?
    This is a common worry among ladies we photograph. Each photo is carefully posed down to the very last detail so you don’t need to worry about things like where to place you hands, it’s all done for you. When posing you we consider your outfit, your body hang ups, your shoot theme and personality. For example, if you want a more soft and modest shoot, we will pose you very delicately and artistically.
  • "I won’t look as good as the women on your website!""
    The women on our website are gorgeous, every single one of them. And you know why? Because they’re just like you! None of the women on our website are models. Take a look at our before & after gallery if you don’t believe us! You will look as good as them and, more importantly, you will FEEL as good as they do too!
  • What do I need to bring with me?
    We recommend 3-5 outfit changes plus a range of props and don’t forget your birthday suite! One thing that can make or break a shoot is how well your lingerie fits. We recommend trying everything on before you come into the studio. This way you can ensure that your bra and suspender straps are the correct length to save having to waste time adjusting them during the shoot. Ladies often ask us how to prepare for their boudoir session so we put together a little blog post with all the details! Also, take a look at our Pinterest account for endless outfit ideas!
  • What should I wear? Do I have to be naked?
    No! The key to creating exquisite, sensual images is for you to ooze confidence. We’ve had ladies bring bra and panty sets, corsets, stockings, their partner’s favourite work shirt and even just a casual pair of jeans. Not many women want to go ‘full monty’ right away so some choose to bring a more modest outfit to start their shoot. As they start to let go of their inhibitions, some women decide to show more skin (even those who hadn’t originally intended to!) but equally if you don’t want to, that’s fine too! You’ll be amazed at how quickly all those feelings of and anxiety are replaced with exhilaration. Just communicate with your photographer throughout the session to ensure you achieve your dream shoot. Check out our Demure Gallery for inspiration!
  • I have to be confident? I really don’t feel it!
    Says every woman who walks through our doors! Don’t worry, to start with you don’t need confidence, just a little trust. The confidence will soon come… have faith in us! We use make-up, hair styling, lighting, posing guidance and a little bit of bucks fizz to take the timid woman who walks through our doors and transform her into a camera-ready queen.
  • What if I want to get a littleé?
    If you want to be a bit more brazen then we can capture some more provocative images for you. It’s a very personal experience so working partnership with the photographer is key. Expressing your desires before your shoot helps us to pair you with the photographer who will be best at creating your vision. However, we must express the emphasis on making artistic photographs and prefer to keep it tasteful! Have a look at the Provocative Gallery for inspiration...
  • I’ve never had my hair and make-up done before. What if I don’t like what they do?
    Getting your make-up and hair done sets the tone for your session. Having a professional do your make-up means they know how to do camera-ready make-up that will truly make you feel and look exquisite! They may apply more make-up than you’re used to but remember that some of the make up naturally ‘falls away’ under studio lighting. However, we want you to be happy, so speak up if you want to make an adjustment. The make-up artist is happy to talk with you about making any adjustments to the make-up after you’ve had some time to get used to it.
  • Do I need to pay a deposit?
    We ask for a small deposit to secure your session. There are lots of people who work very hard to make your Boudoir photo shoot a truly unforgettable experience and their time is valuable! Your deposit will be refunded after you attend your session or you can put it toward purchasing products. The deposit is forfeit if the customer doesn’t attend their appointment or cancels without give 5 working days notice.
  • Can I reschedule?
    If you find that you are unable to attend your session you are welcome to reschedule if you give 5 days notice.
  • Who will see my images?
    Your privacy is of utmost importance to us. In the studio, the only people who will see your images are your photographer, your viewer and our professional printers. We would, of course, LOVE to share the images from your session and show other women your amazing photos! However, we totally understand that women and/or their partners may feel uncomfortable with this. In the viewing room your viewer will ask you to sign a form stating if you WOULD or WOULDN’T like your images used for promotion.
  • What are your retouching preferences?
    20 years ago boudoir photo shoots were very unforgiving. Lucky for us, times have changed and the world has been blessed with Photoshop! As your viewing is on the same day as your shoot your editor has only an hour to prep your images. She will do a small amount of skin smoothing and hide any spots or blemishes as well as transforming some images into black and white and applying a range of other beautiful filters. Most women are delighted with the results but others notice bits they’re still not happy with. Speak up! Tell your editor and we can do some extra ‘nip and tuck’ until you’re 100% happy. We can also get rid of unwanted tattoos and scars as well as some extra ‘airbrushing’ for that magazine front cover feel.
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