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Words of encouragement from ladies who have had a boudoir photoshoot

You know why we love Boudoir photography; for the confidence boost, for the fun of it, for the 'me time', for the ultimate gift and for the body confidence transformation.

As a specialist boudoir studio, we have so many enquiries from ladies who are interested in doing an experience but always face the inevitable nerves or think they are too old, fat, skinny and so on... 💔

Our photo shoots are for everyone. There is no upper age or size limit. ALL women come away from their shoot feeling empowered having fallen in love with… themselves!

But, no matter how many times we shout it from the rooftops, sometimes you need to hear it from someone who's been there & done that.

So, we asked some of our gorgeous customers a question on the Femme Fatale Females group:

What words of encouragement would you give to any lady who was looking at doing a Boudoir Photoshoot and may be too nervous to give it a go?

We had some wonderful responses and the ladies were kind enough to allow us to share them with you:

"Do it, it makes you feel special beautiful and sexy especially when you're a single mum. It was one of the best things I did"

- From Sarah x

New mums, experienced mums, mums-to-be, organised mums, frantic mums, laid back mums, and tired mums... YOU are a force to be reckoned with.

There are lot's of reasons why boudoir is a must for mums. As mothers, we spend every waking moment looking after someone else, we sometimes forget to look after ourselves.

"I am terrified of cameras so this was a huge deal for me but everyone involved made an effort to make me feel at ease and the photos I have are a reminder I can look great."

- From Claire x

Our photographers are amazing at what they do. They're also lovely human beings and will put a huge effort into making you feel right at home. They will guide you into poses and use lighting techniques to sculpt your body and hug your curves.

"I booked my photoshoot thinking it would be a really long wait, ended up having my photos done 4 months after having my second child. I'd lost all my "baby-weight" and an extra half a stone but still thought I needed to tone up. I nearly cried when viewing my photos, it really does give you a massive confidence boost. The whole team make you feel relaxed as soon as you walk through the door, you won't regret doing it"

- From Hayley x

Have you had a femme fatale photo shoot? We'd really appreciate it if you took a moment to give us your feedback.

"I had mine about a year ago now to make a surprise for my husband on our wedding day. I hadn't lost all the weight I wanted yet and was a bit nervous, but the team was amazing! I had a glass of fizz for some Dutch courage, the lady who did my hair and makeup was lovely and made me feel beautiful, and my photographer, Olga, just gave me so much confidence that I forgot I was wearing hardly any clothes! Such a fab experience from beginning to end. And hubby loved opening the photos on our wedding morning! Do it!"

- From Terri-Anne

"Do It!! It was so much fun and after the first click of the camera, I forgot I was doing a photo shoot! The girls from start to end are lovely they’ll get you a cuppa to calm your nerves. Then with hair & make up they listen to what you want. They make you feel at ease in front of camera and talk to you about all sorts and show you the best poses to get the best pictures. I’m a single mum of one little girl and my 6 year old says I look beautiful in the pics. So I say do it whether it’s for you or your partner it’s one off my bucket list and everyone is great there and remember to have fun"

-From Georgie x

Our family of past Femme Fatale customers are wonderful women who are just like you! You can connect with them through our facebook group and ask them any questions that are on your mind.

Thank you to all the ladies who gave their words of encouragement, your words inspire others x

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