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Accessories for your Boudoir photoshoot

You've decided on what outfits you're bringing along to your photoshoot and your bag is packed. Now it's time to ask yourself "Do I have enough accessories?

A few special items can complete your outfit and add the finishing touch to your photographs. The first thing that comes to mind is your favourite jewelry but we have some other ideas that you might not have thought of...

Anything with feathers or fur!

Hats of all varieties

Give your shoot a feminine touch with flowers or petals

Add some mystery with a mask

Go all 50 shades...

Incorporate your passions and hobbies

Scarfs and fabric are extremely versatile...

If you're doing a bridal session, a veil is a must

If you have a cute parasol, then pop it in the bag

And don't forget footwear!

We aim to make your photographs as unique as you are accessories are the perfect way to inject personality into our shoot.

Hopefully, these ideas have sparked your imagination and you know what accessories you'd like to bring along. If you're still struggling for ideas, we are always here to help. You just need to give us a call on 0117 909 8985 and the team will be happy to chat with you!

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