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We believe every woman is beautiful, in every possible way. But let’s look beyond that, show us who you are!

If you had to express yourself in a photo, what would you choose to do? Why stop at beautiful, why not funny or adventurous? Why not talented or quirky? There is a whole lot more than just being beautiful, you are a woman.


Inject some body positivity into your life!

It's time to celebrate you. 

Create timeless images that ooze class and sophistication. Have faith in Femme Fatale.

Do I have to be a certain age or size?

There are bits of me I don’t like, how do you deal with that?

But I don’t know how to pose?

What should I wear? Do I have to be naked?

But what if I wanted to get a little

Curious? We're sure you're full of questions. Find out the answers to some of our most frequently asked questions

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Are you ready to wave goodbye to those hang ups and inject some body positivity into your life? You can purchase a Femme Fatale experience online today!


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I absolutely loved my photoshoot, the staff were all really lovely and photos were incredible, exactly what I had hoped for and more


 I left on such a high! Cannot recommend this experience enough, if you have ever considered doing a Boudoir shoot - my advice would be - go for it!!


Had a great afternoon prancing around in underwear feeling gorgeous, all thanks to the lovely women at Femme Fatale.

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