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What to wear for your Boudoir photo shoot

You're here because you've booked a Femme Fatale boudoir photo shoot and now you're thinking "Uhoh! What am I going to wear?" - am i right?

First of all, don't panic! Planning your outfits is a fun part of the experience. Whether you're splashing out on a shopping spree or raiding your wardrobe for forgotten treasures, your outfit options are endless.

It's time go grab a glass of wine, put on your feel-good playlist and create some looks you love!

Not the type of girl to wear lace lingerie and stilettos? No problem! Just keep it casual...

Go with the 'girl next door' look, pair a t-shit and knickers or snuggle up in a cosy chunky knit.

Feeling a little nervous about revealing your body in front of the camera? Be sure to pack a dress! It's the perfect outfit to start your session with. Your boudoir shoot is an intimate, personal journey and it's important that you feel at ease. Starting with a less revealing outfit is the perfect way to get into the swing of things.

Looking for a staple item that allows you the reveal a lot while still feeling covered? Robes and kimonos are your answer. Long, short, silk, sheer, elegant or sexy - we are obsessed!

Looking for an outfit he'll love? Men have long been fascinated with ladies wearing their clothes. If you're having your Boudoir shoot with the thought of gifting the images to your partner, try smuggling one of his shirts to the shoot. He'll love it, believe us!

Want to accentuate your killer curves? A corset is a classic outfit choice. There are several different types so we recommend you do some research to make sure the style suit your body type. They fabric and designs are so diverse that you're sure to find something that suites your style.

Want more coverage than a two-piece set can give but want the same effect? A popular choice among people we photograph are one piece garments / teddies / bodysuits. We love that they make you feel just as sexy and confident as traditional lingerie sets. Plus, they suit every body type!

Looking to give your outfits an artistic, feminine touch? Sheer material photographs beautifully and allows your photographer to get very creative. If you're coming to the studio for a bridal boudoir session, be sure to bring your veil!

Hesitating when it comes to hosiery? Tights, stocking and suspenders can really bring an outfit to life. They come in endless patterns and colours - you're sure to find a pair that compliment your wardrobe choice. We especially love a pair of fishnets!

Want to keep it classic? To be honest, you can't go far wrong with a trusty matching set and nothing beat thats feeling of having coordinating underwear - right?

Can I wear shoes? 100% yes! Here at Femme Fatale we're not afraid of heights and we always think bigger is better. High heels go a long way to make you look and feel sexy. If you're not into wearing heels, consider bringing shoes that compliment your personality like Doc Martins or even ballet shoes!

Can I wear nothing at all? Of course, if you're looking for artistic nude shots then it's fine to bring nothing but your birthday suit! However, most women bring along a few outfits and work some nude shots in toward the end of the session.

What props should I bring? Props are the perfect way of injecting some of your own personality into your photographs. Think about your hobbies, your profession, your passions and interests.

Still looking for ideas? We recommend heading over to our Pinterest where we've created lots of boards for you to browse.

A few things to remember:

  • Try all your outfits on before your session

  • Adjust your bra and suspender straps so that everything fits nicely

  • Not every outfit has to be lingerie

  • You have 3-5 outfit changes during your shoot - make the most of them!

  • Make sure you feel sexy in your outfits. If you don't feel confident in what you're wearing, that'll show in your photographs

  • You can reveal as much or as little as you like

Be sure to browse our web galleries for more ideas and keep up with us on Facebook and Instagram!

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