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How to ooze confidence at your Boudoir shoot

Updated: Mar 19, 2019

There are many key elements that go into creating stunning Boudoir photography. Of course, there's the hair and make up , a talented photographer and a studio complete with stunning props and backdrops. But, here at Femme Fatale we have found the most important ingredient is CONFIDENCE.

Now, we have to say that almost every woman turns up to the studio feeling anything but... however this is where our fabulous team work their magic.

Don’t worry, to start with you don’t need confidence, just a little trust. The confidence will soon come… have faith in us! Aside from being wonderful make up artists, photographers and retouchers, our team are very friendly human beings!

"I had an amazing afternoon with these lovely talented ladies. felt at ease the moment I walked In the door. I highly recommend this to ANYONE. 2 days later and I'm still on a high. thank you all so much x" - Helen Phelps

There are a one or two things you can do before you arrive at the studio to help you keep those nerves at bay:

1. Make sure you are comfortable in your outfit choices

We’ve had ladies bring bra and panty sets, corsets, stockings, their partner’s favourite work shirt and even just a casual pair of jeans. Not many women want to go ‘full monty’ right away so some choose to bring a more modest outfit to start their shoot. As they start to let go of their inhibitions, some women decide to show more skin (even those who hadn’t originally intended to!) but equally if you don’t want to, that’s fine too! If you're feeling a little nervous, perhaps select your favourite little black dress as your first outfit before revealing more...

2. Get all dolled up...

We have your make up and hair styling covered but why not go the whole hog and treat yo'self! Get a bikini wax, manicure, and pedicure if those things make you feel pretty and empowered. Whatever goes towards helping you feel like you!

3. Get in the groove

Music is amazing at creating a relaxed atmosphere and can really help you get into that "sassy showgirl"attitude... if that's what you're looking for! You can choose what music to listen to in the studio - just let your photographer / DJ know! *puts Christina Aguilera on repeat*

Yes, you will look as phenomenal as the women on our website! We promise, they're not models.. take a look at this gallery to see for yourself. We photograph every day women, just like you. Every woman is a queen and it's our aim to make you feel like one!

5. Have a chit chat

A couple of days before your shoot, our team will give you a quick call to confirm your session. This is your opportunity to have a chat with us about your ideas. Perhaps you fancy giving your shoot a pin-up theme? Or maybe you want to try incorporating a hobby or you favourite sport? Tell us all your ideas and anxieties and we'll put your mind at ease. We'll talk you though the structure of the day and make sure you now where we are, where to park and other boring, logistical stuff. Believe us, the less you have to stress about on the day of your shoot, the better!

7 years post breast cancer, I felt empowered and alive! The whole experience was life changing!! Everyone at the studio are wonderful, warm and so welcoming! Thank you Olga, Debbie and Sophie you helped me to celebrate my body and my life, and the journey I have been on and how far I have come! - Clare

A boudoir session is an incredibly intimate experience. It's so important to us to get things right and make sure that your experience is unforgettable. We know women can have a complicated relationships with their body so our team are sure to take things at your pace. If you're lacking in body confidence then a Boudoir photoshoot may seem like the most daunting thing you could do... and that's why you should do it! It's the most powerful confidence booster out there! So, get ready to wave goodbye to those hang-ups and inject some body positivity into your life!

...and remember, enjoy yourself!

Love Femme Fatale x

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