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10 Wardrobe choices for concealing your tummy

Updated: Apr 3, 2019

Every woman has her insecurities. When posing you, we consider your body hang ups. By guiding you into naturally flattering poses, using lighting techniques to sculpt your body and hug your curves we draw the eye to your favourite features.

Another good way of disguising your dislikes, is with careful outfit choices. If your timid about your tummy then here are some wardrobe essentials for your Boudoir shoot...

1. Shirts

2. Corsets

3. Coats

4. Gowns

5. Night Dresses

6. Body Suits

7. Sheer / Lace

8. Dresses

9. High waisted anything!

10. T-shirts / Vests

We hope this give you some outfit inspiration. Remember, don't let your hang-ups hold you back. You are beautiful!

Love Femme Fatale x

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